NatureZone w/USB Power Cord

NatureZone w/USB Power Cord

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Chemical-Free- Optional Battery Use, Comes with USB power Cord- Sanitizer/Deodorizer. Destroys 99.9% of germs like: MRSA, STAPH, STREP, E-coli that reside on oral appliances including: Mouth Guards, Retainers, Night Guards, Dentures, Ear Buds . . . Anything you put in your mouth. Deodorizes oral appliances with UV & Ozone Combination - Returns freshness in only 3mins ! NOW IN STOCK!!!
See how the NatureZone works for killing Bacteria & Deodorizing:

NOW IN STOCK!!! See how it works!!

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$49.95 $54.95
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  • Works on 4 AAA batteries or USB adapter (included) No messy chemicals and is 100% portable
  • Laboratory tested and proven to destroy 99.9% of all known pathogens including Staph, MRSA, e-coli; Salmonella and Strep also kills all odors that get into pores that chemicals and alone can not do
  • Push button 3 minute cycle and will shut off automatically
  • Includes USB power cord, optional batteries not included
  • Sanitizes 3000x faster then chlorine or bleach
NOW IN Stock
See How It Works- Two Videos below

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