• PRO+ Dual-Thermoplastic Models: Adult and Jr. Sizes
  • Lower jaw impacts are absorbed by the Brain-Pad's inner-injected material. 
  • New 'STRAP/STRAPLESS' design attaches to Facemask, or Shoulder-pads.
  • Use the Strap for football, then go strapless for sports like wrestling or MMA. 
  • Translucent Outer Thermoplastic Protects Teeth - inner material absorbs impact!
  • Offers excellent, constant breathing! - CLENCH & BREATHE!
  • Recommended for Hard Hitting contact sports and hard-hitting competitors.
  • 3XS-WP - STRAP/Strapless - Adult Size
    Sale Price: $29.99 $34.95
    A favorite mouth guard of college and Pro football teams across the USA.  Also excellent in the weight room.  Coupled with a quality helmet, the PRO+ creates the most protective safety system for the head.  The helmet for outer head protection, and the Brain-Pad for internal head protection: Top AND bottom Teeth, TMJ sockets and Base of the skull and brain.
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