- Brain-Pad's dual-arch patented design has been tested to reduce impact energy to the jaw-joints & base of the skull.
- No other mouth guards offer this advanced level of bio-mechanical testing.
-Testing conducted in 1993, 2005 & 2011 validating its technology claims.
- Dual-arch patented designs secure & cushion the lower jaw from impaction to the fragile jaw-sockets/base of the skull.
- Impacts to the face mask causes the chin cup to drive the jaw back into the base of the skull.
- Brain-Pads mold to, cover, and protect the lower teeth, & are designed to fit over and protect upper & lower braces.
- Upper mouth guards do not retain/secure the lower jaw and do not cover the lower teeth.
- Dual-arch designs offer a center breathe space allowing constant breathing while clenching
- Brain-Pad guards can be trimmed to match each athlete's unique dental arch size.
- Brain-Pads can be used with o without the included strap/tether.
- Brain-Pad model come in Adult and Jr. sizes. Adult for 12yrs and up. Jr. for 6-11yr olds.
- Brain-Pads contain an inner material that absorbs impact energy.

LoPro+ Blue/Clear Adult 12 pack

ID: LPP-02- Adult- 12 Pack
Case / Inter Pack : - / 1
Sale Price: $84.00 $240.00

3XS Adult White/Black - SIX PACK

ID: 3XSWP-White/Black- SIX Pack
Case / Inter Pack : - / 6
Sale Price: $45.00 $145.00
Visit www.brainpads.com for more information about dual-arch technology's ability to reduce impact energy to the jaw-joint and base of skull.
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