NatureZone w/AC Adapter

NatureZone w/AC Adapter

Sanitize and Deodorize ALL Oral Appliances and small personal care items
Sanitize and Deodorize All oral appliances and small personal care items

Chemical-Free Battery & AC powered Sanitizer/Deodorizer. Destroys 99.9% of germs like: MRSA, STAPH, STREP, E-coli that reside on oral appliances including: Mouth Guards, Retainers, Night Guards, Dentures, Ear Buds . . . Anything you put in your mouth. Deodorizes oral appliances with UV & Ozone Combination - Returns freshness in only 3mins !

Sale Price: $54.95 $64.95
Buy 10 - 19 get 10.00 % off Buy 20 - 30 get 15.00 % off


Brain Pads, Inc.
$54.95 $64.95
Buy 10 - 19 get 10.00 % off
Buy 20 - 30 get 15.00 % off
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By popular demand - Now offers AC Adapter Wall Plug, Included. Also runs on batteries for 100% portability. Infectious MRSA, STAPH, COLI are sanitized without chemicals or liquids in only 3mins! E-Z one touch cleaning cycle with auto 3min shut-off. Chamber creates ultra violet rays & millions of ozone ions that saturate and Sanitize & deodorize contents. Great for: Sport & Night guards, Oral Appliances like retainers, veneers, & Dentures. Returns brand new feel and smell to any used oral appliance!

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