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LoPRO+ FEMALE Pink/Clear - Youth Size (LPPY)
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LoPRO+ FEMALE Pink/Clear - Youth Size (LPPY)

$19.95 $12.95


LOW PROFILE, Patented, Dual Arch Design - Secures jaw creating TMJ SAFETY SPACE ! Tested and Proven to Reduce Impact energy to the Teeth, TMJ, and Base of Skull ! New 'STRAP/STRAPLESS' Design for Women - With Quick Release strap included ! Softer Translucent Outer Thermoplastic Protects Teeth - Inner material absorbs impacts ! Offers excellent, constant breathing ! CLENCH & BREATHE ! POWER CLENCH ACTIVATION(TM) Design ! Covers and protects Braces. Free $8,000 Dental warranty.


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Product ID: LoPRO+ FEMALE - Junior(6-11)
Manufacturer: Brain Pads, Inc.
Price $19.95 $12.95
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Now with Strap/Strapless Option! Freight and quantity discounts start at 5 units.
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